Inizio short sleeve linen dresses in Tomato & Steel – one of my favorite styles!

Women have run me down on the street asking “Where did you get that dress?”. Seriously, this has happened. Of course I don’t tell them! Why would the Diva want everyone looking as great as her? Ha!

Nah, I do.
I get them from Get Dressed2 – and you can too!

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All ladies should have comfy, beautiful dresses to wear when they get out of the bathtub! In the pics at the top I have that style in Ink and Tomato in linen. I love these particular dresses because not only are they gorgeous, but they have deep POCKETS! You can stash all sorts of stuff in them!

I wear them     All.     The.     Time.

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Johnny Was at Get Dressed 2

Inizio is my fav designer of the moment – but there are many other great designers to choose from on the site! Like Johnny Was and Indies Paris. Gorgeous. You’ll find many things to love on this site.

GET DRESSED2! Go now, get 10% OFF and your FREE GIFT!
Let me know how much you love your new clothes!

Beate Heymann, Save the Queen, Porto SF at Get Dressed2

Beate Heymann, Save the Queen, Porto SF at Get Dressed2

Johnny Was designs at Get Dressed 2

Johnny Was at Get Dressed2