Nadine & Ron of Living Libations

Every Libations creation presents itself to reignite one’s being.
Our creations kaleidoscope nature’s essence from a web wider than wonder
and invite the cosmic intelligence of botanicals into an outpouring of delight.

Our Libations proclaim, “Let light pour through the door of every parched and perked pore.
Engage with the pure plant poetry that sparks your cellular effervescence.”

This is a lovely site full of wonderful products to enhance you bath & life. I’m a big fan of adding essential oils to my bath. Bergamot Essential Oil – have you ever smelled Bergamot? It’s amazing! And it’s just one of many oils on their site.

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Do check out their site, the videos are delightful and informative
You will learn things like: Inhale trees! Keep it real to the feel! Commit to serious joy!

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“A true sense-visionary! Nadine has the greatest collection of rare and special oils…
she has a wondrous knowledge and passion for it all.”

~Alanis Morissette