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Outdoor Bathtub Among the Stars Recipe!

I just came back from Hawaii and had the most delicious outdoor bathtub experience there! Highly recommend it.

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Lavender Healing Powers!

My last post was about the wonderful products that Aromafloria had to offer with it's main ingredient as Lavender. Here's some more info on the wonderful healing power of LAVENDER and why it's an essential ingredient in your bath time accoutrements.

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Aromafloria Stress-Less Bath Products Review

Recently I had the great good fortune to receive a delightful package from Aromafloria full of wonderful bath products for review. My evening plans were set! Read on to find out more about this wonderful company and their holistic products.

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Tax Time Tubbin’ With A Milk & Honey Bath

It's TAX TIME! I've heard the expression "taking a bath at tax-time" so lets go with that. Just what kind of bath should one take for the occasion?

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Dream Bathrooms Round 3!

OK, so you’re on your incredible private island and you wonder….what would make this even MORE amazing? And then you have this brilliant thought. Yep.

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12 Things for the Perfect Bath

Ever get in the tub and go, “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, dangit! Why didn’t I remember ___________________?
Now that you have this fancy checklist that will Never. Happen. Again.
No more dashing nekked across the tile leaving big wet footprints on the cold tile and scaring the cats.

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More Goodness From The Diva!

The Bathtub Diva recently added 3 new Affiliate Programs to the website! These are QUALITY businesses that have been personally vetted by the Diva and I'm sharing them with you because I think you'll enjoy them too.

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Dr. Singha’s Mustard Rub and Garlic

Ahhhhhhhh, nothing like a Mustard Rub after a Mustard Bath! Get Golden and get all Mustardie. Especially in the chilly wintertime, this will warm you right up!

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iPad in the iTub – uh oh…

iPads don't look good floating in a nice warm bubbly bath. Read this story to find out what NOT to add to your bath recipe!

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Dr Singha’s Mustard Bath

Dr Singha's Mustard Bath is a staple in The Bathtub Diva's bathing cabinet! Mustard is renowned for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities. Here in Seattle Fall has blustered in with Winter creeping around the corner, so I am stalking up on my favorite warming and restorative bath additions

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