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A True Tub Tale


Once upon a time I had a break-up and retreated to the bathtub. It seemed like the tub was the only place that felt good anymore. At first it was a sad little scene filled with crying and wailing (tip: wail underwater and it won't scare the neighbors), but after a couple of weeks things started to change. I noticed the more time I spent in the tub the better I felt.....hummmmmm what was going on here?????

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February 2015

Before The Bathtub Diva


I know. It's shocking.

But before The Bathtub Diva ladies would sit in the bathtub vainly searching for recipes and bathing tips that simply weren't available.

With The Bathtub Diva website all that's changed. Everything bubbly & bath related is covered on one amazing website! Enjoy!

Happily Ever Bubble After,

The Bathtub Diva ~ a force for goodness

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