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iPad in the iTub – uh oh…

iPads don't look good floating in a nice warm bubbly bath. Read this story to find out what NOT to add to your bath recipe!

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Before The Bathtub Diva

I know. It's shocking.

But before The Bathtub Diva ladies would sit in the bathtub vainly searching for recipes and bathing tips that simply weren't available.

With The Bathtub Diva website all that's changed. Everything bubbly & bath related is covered on one amazing website! Enjoy!

Happily Ever Bubble After,

The Bathtub Diva ~ a force for goodness

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Oprah Loves Bubble Baths!

Enjoy this funny video of "Oprah After Dark" and other make-believe shows for the OWN network.

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Rubber Ducks – Why They Should Matter to You

Everyone needs little friends to play with and moral support in what can sometimes be a difficult world. And that is why Rubber Ducks should matter to you. Rubber Ducks will always BE THERE for you.

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Bubbles And The Biggest Bathtub EVER!

Love this! The All-One-Ark is a gigantic traveling bath tub that many people can get into at one time. Once in there, they spray each other with hoses that squirt out Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap Foam...

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