Dream Bathrooms Round 3!

One of my favorite things is seeing incredible dream bathrooms – especially with wonderful and inspired BATHTUBS!

{When you’re done here, check Dream Bathrooms Round 1 & Round 2 for more fun and inspiration}


OK, so you’re on your incredible private island and you wonder….what would make this even MORE amazing?
And then you have this brilliant thought. Yep. A BATHTUB.

Another outdoor stunner. And it’s even more cool because you are under a roof to stay out of the rain, BUT, you can still make it rain.
You are the Master Of The Tub-O-Universe!


Here’s a gorgeous hand-painted tub!
Artist: Peggy Sands


Pretty sure the Jetson’s have one of these – but maybe not in the living room!

Hope you enjoyed our romp thru Bathtub Fantasy Land! We’ll do it again soon.



  1. Rennie MacKay Quinn April 16, 2018 at 6:13 am - Reply

    The pictures say it all! Thanks for getting my morning off to a soothing start.

    • The Bathtub Diva April 22, 2018 at 7:05 pm - Reply

      Diva Rennie!

      Yes, nothing like imaging yourself in a beautiful bathtub, just thinking about it calms one down. Even better – taking a bath in the morning in a beautiful tub!

      Thanks for dropping by and saying hi.

      Wishing you Big Bodacious Bubble Baths,
      XO The Bathtub Diva

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