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Bath 101 – Part 2

In Bath 101 Part 1 we left off at lighting a candle and getting a beverage. Choose a nice smelling candle and music, plus these other essentials...

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Bath 101 – Part 1

Ahhhhhh, the joy of a bath! In this post I break down how I (personally, me, myself & I, Diva Duck) take a bath and what I like to have for it.

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Oprah On Success and Releasing Your Fear

I love the whole idea of The Bathtub Diva and sharing how baths have helped me transform my life, so, even when it's challenging to write, I'll keep at it, because it makes me feel good...

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Sunshine Spring Bath Recipe!

Spring is here! Revitalize and glow with these simple bath & facial recipes.

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Transform Your Life One Bath At A Time

Yes! You REALLY CAN transform your life one bath at a time! You can get in the tub with a crusty attitude and emerge a goddess beaming beneficence on everything around you. Follow the easy guide below to begin this transformation.

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A True Tub Tale

Once upon a time I had a break-up and retreated to the bathtub. It seemed like the tub was the only place that felt good anymore. At first it was a sad little scene filled with crying and wailing (tip: wail underwater and it won't scare the neighbors), but after a couple of weeks things started to change. I noticed the more time I spent in the tub the better I felt.....hummmmmm what was going on here?????

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Stress Relief Bath Recipe

Stress strains our adrenal glands, causes restlessness & muscle fatigue, along with draining feelings, like sadness & depression. For a bath that will help when feeling over-stressed, add these ingredients to your tub water...