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Bath 101 – Part 2

In Bath 101 Part 1 we left off at lighting a candle and getting a beverage. Choose a nice smelling candle and music, plus these other essentials...

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10 Things For A Perfect Bath

Here's a list of 10 Bath Time Essentials! Candles, Epsom Salts, Bubble Bath, etc....

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The Bath Pillow Quest Continues…

More pillow testing in search of the perfect bath pillow.....

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Perfect Bath Pillow Quest Continues…

This pillow was SO HUGE, it was like putting a car seat in the tub. But I was willing to give it a go and maybe it would be the most wonderful pillow ever!!!!!!

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In Search Of The Perfect Bath Pillow

Haven't we all had the scallop-shaped inflatable bath pillow? It's wonderful until the day you hear the whoooooooooosh as the air escapes from a hole in the seam....

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