The Time You Waste…

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”
~ Bertrand Russell

Dandelion Field

Some people (I don’t know any of them, I have only heard about them) think that taking a bath is “wasted time” and come up with all sorts of excuses for not taking time to sit in a tub and, basically, do nothing. But if you are in a tub with hot water and bubbles, and you are totally enjoying yourself, you are not “wasting time”.


Any time that you spend doing something you enjoy is never “wasted”. And that should be enough, but, if you really feel you have to have a PURPOSE and an excuse for indulging then realize that you are actually contributing to the world with your enjoyment – yes, just sitting there “wasting time” enjoying yourself. Really. Think about it. If you are feeling grumpy or joyful, which is the better vibe for the world? What do you want to put out? To contribute? Get it? Ok. Now go waste some time and take a bath.

Remember that whether you are “wasting time” strolling through a field of dandelions and taking delight in the day or soaking in a tub taking delight in that, you are not “wasting time”.

So says Professor Bath Tub Diva.

So there.

Thanks to Rob for the image.


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