Here’s the short list – scroll down for the (long) list with explanations.

10 things for a perfect bath

  1. A Candle
  2. Epsom Salts
  3. Bath Tub Overflow Stopper
  4. Rubber Duck
  5. Bubble Bath
  6. Bath Oil
  7. Face Mask
  8. Glass of Water
  9. Wash Cloths
  10. An Affirmation or Mediation
  11. ha ha – I lied about only 10! See the detailed list that follows for #11
  1. A Candle. Preferably something nice and aroma-therapy-smelly. Go shopping and get a few for different moods and health benefits. Like eucalyptus for a cold or sandalwood for relaxing and dreaming of far off places.
  2. Epsom Salts. Epsom salts. Epsom salts. Many varieties. Your local drug store will have them. They come plain or “flavored” with lavender or eucalyptus or other scents. I usually get a giant bag of the plain ones because I have lots of essential oils to stink them up with. You’ll need  – at the minimum – 2 cups per bath. Put them in as soon as you start filling up the tub. Click here & here for more info on why Epsom salts rock. Click here for the Epsom Salt Council if you are all about scientifical factoids.
  3. Bath Tub Overflow Stopper! Read about it here – you can get anywhere from 2 -3 inches of extra water depending on your tubs dimensions. That’s huge when it comes to your knees sticking out of the water! This might be one of the best inventions EVER for Bath Tub Divas. Get one.
  4. Rubber Duck. Hello? We all need some silly. Especially in the tub to help you let go of your worries – who ever heard of a “serious” bath? Rubber ducks are pretty standard fare in many drug stores or order a special one online.
  5. Bubble Bath. Get a nice brand, stay away from ones that have too many ingredients on the label that you can’t pronounce! Put them in as soon as you turn on the water so you’ll have heaps of bubbles when you get in.
  6. Bath Oils. Some come as essential oils and others are already in an oil base. I always have lavender, eucalyptus, coconut, rose and peppermint on hand and use them depending on my mood and state of health. Like lavender and rose are great for relaxing, eucalyptus if I have allergies or feel a cold coming on, peppermint I like in any bath as it’s invigorating and cleansing, and coconut oil (which doesn’t have an aroma) is great for your skin. Sometimes I put a few different oils in the bath like rose and coconut and a touch of peppermint. Be careful with the essential oils – read this post to find out more.
  7. Face Masks. If I’m sitting in the tub I’m going to want to smear something wonderful on my face, I can’t help myself. Here’s a post on homemade face masks, and here’s a link to some in our store.
  8. Glass of Water. You need to stay hydrated in a hot tub and cool, clean water will help you do that. I usually take a liter bottle with me and sometimes put a few ice cubes in it. I don’t recommend other beverages as anything with sugar in might adversely affect your mood and get you all jangly and wine or other alcohol isn’t always the best thing when your body temperature is elevated from the heat of the water. You could get dizzy with booze and alcohol is actually a depressant, and you don’t want to get depressed in the tub or after wards! Often I’ll take in a plate of orange or watermelon slices and munch on them in the tub – no need for napkins!
  9. Wash Cloths. I have an exciting (well, I was excited when I wrote it) post about wash cloths and why having a lot on hand are important. Click here to read that post and have a stack at the ready for your bath.
  10. An Affirmation or Meditation. This is the final gem on the “perfect bath” tiara! Articles for meditation and affirmations are are here & here. Here’s an article on the power of affirmations and how it’s scientifically proven (really!) that if you change your thoughts you can change your outlook on life.
  11. ha ha – I lied about it only being 10! If you really want to have fun in the tub, get a tiara too and wear that while bathing – you are a GODDESS and a tiara is just a friendly reminder of that fact. I got my tiara at a party store in the girls section for princesses. I crack up every time I put it on in the tub – remember, tub time is for letting go of the “serious” part of life and indulging in relaxation and loving yourself, and if you need a few props to help you get in the mood, go right ahead.

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Thanks to Captain Stuart for the image.