Ever get in the tub and go, “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, dagnabbit!
Why didn’t I remember ___________________?
Now that you have this fancy checklist that will     Never.     Happen.     Again.
No more scampering nekked across the cold tile to get your pineapple juice and scaring the cats.

  • Epsom Salts ~ Possibly the most important ingredient for turning plain, boring water into a healing & rejuvenating experience.
  • Bathtub Overflow Stopper ~ Adds 2-4 inches to your bath water. Woot!
  • Bubble Bath ~ Bubbles are magic and will turn ordinary water into a wonderland of fluffy delight. Don’t ever forget the bubbles.
  • Rubber Ducky ~ Duh.
  • Candle ~ Ambiance. You are creating a sanctuary. Light a candle and get on board with the whole “sanctuary” thang for goodness sake.
  • Music ~ Soothing and magical, something a unicorn might like to hear.
  • Bath Oil ~ A tablespoon of coconut oil will make your skin super soft.
  • Face Mask ~ A mud or fruit acid mask adds to the spa-like feeling.
  • Beverage ~ Water, coconut juice, pineapple juice, lemonade… be sure and quench yourself.
  • Wash Cloths ~ To cover any parts poking out of the water.
  • Bath Pillow ~ No need to get a stiff neck on cold porcelain! Use a bath pillow for gawds sake.
  • Tiara ~ No explanation necessary.

Everything checked off? Fantastic. Now turn off the light and get in the tub!
Feel enchanted!

If you are lacking in any of these items you can get most of them in the SHOP! How amazing is that? Epsom SaltsBathtub Overflow StopperBubble Bath, Rubber Ducky, Candles, Music, Coconut Oil, Face Mask and Bath Pillows.

*Photo Credit:  Endre Majoros

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