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Kush Queen The Bathtub Diva

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs for your bath! Cannabidiol – CBD – is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. THC is the part of marijuana that make you high. CBD is extracted from marijuana and does not have the THC qualities.

BTD has tried these bombs in her bath and can attest to their overall relaxing quality. Cannabis CBD is a natural healing herb that we can use in our daily lives to relax and get medicinal benefits from this herb. BTD loves herbs and aromatherapy for healing ourselves.


Thank you Project CBD for the medical info on this page.

The Bathtub Diva does not offer any medical advice or claims from outside links! See our Disclaimer :)

Get Dressed 2 The Bathtub Diva

Get Dressed 2

Get Dressed 2! I have had ladies run down the street after me asking “where did you get that dress?”  Really! No lie! So I tell them, because BTD is a nice person and loves to share. And if you like my dress enough to run after me of course I will tell you where I got it!

I get my favorite dresses from Get Dressed 2. My fav designer is Inizio. I have 5 dresses from that designer that I LOVE! 2 in the sleeveless pocket dress, 2 in the 3/4 sleeve pocket dress and one skirt.

BTD also loves Johnny Was & Animapop. Get Dressed 2 carries lots of designers that you will love too!

GO TO GET DRESSED 2, and see all the wonderful collections they carry.

Flora Bowley Bloom True Painting The Bathtub Diva

Flora Bowley Painting

BTD had not painted for many years and needed a course like this to get her back in the painting groove. I can’t even say how much I got out of this painting course to get me charged up and painting again! Flora’s lessons are about connecting with your creativity and following your intuition. It changed my life. Really. It did. If you can’t make it to an in person class with Flora, you’ll be thrilled and amazed by her Bloom True E-Course online workshop. It’s so well done on so many levels.

Anyhoo, get to her site and check out ONLINE COURSES or WORKSHOPS and get signed up! You will not regret it! Even if you have never painted but have had a hankering to, this is the place you want to go. And if you have painted in the past and not done it for awhile and need some guidance and prompts, this is the place for you.


Tropical Traditions The Bathtub Diva

Tropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions! The Bathtub Diva has used Tropical Traditions products for many years. Mainly the coconut oil and coconut soap. Both stellar products. I use the foamy soap to wash my face and the coconut oil in my bath and also cooking. BTD LOVES this product!

Tropical Traditions were the first to source coconut oil from the Philippines and have employed local farmers to source it. Just for that BTD loves them bringing a livelihood to the Philippines.


The Bathtub Diva does not offer any medical advice or claims from outside links! See our Disclaimer :)

7 Minute Mindfulness - The Bathtub Diva

7 Minute Mindfulness Training

7 Minute Mindfulness teaches you how to activate your natural relaxation response in just 7 minutes! And what better place to do this training than in your bathtub where you’re already feeling relaxed and receptive?

You don’t need to consciously remember to focus on your thoughts or your breath. You don’t need discipline. Just listen to the music and the words, and they will take care of everything for you. You’ll be training your body to be more relaxed, and automatically training your mind to be more mindful. Being more mindful and aware will make you less stressed and easy about your life.


The Bathtub Diva does not offer any medical advice or claims from outside links! See our Disclaimer :)