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Ahhhhhh, the joy of a bath! In this post, and the ones to follow, I’ll break down how I (personally, me, myself & I, Diva Duck) take a bath and what I like to have for it. Please see my 10 Favorite Things for a Perfect Bath post as well for more on the low-down.


Hot water! If you have a small water heater, turn the valve up to HIGH so there is enough hot water for the bath. The house I used to live in required me to turn it up about a half hour before a bath as about 1/2 way through filling it would go cold if I didn’t. So turn up the heater if needed and fill your tub. Remember to turn it down AFTER your bath so you don’t scald yourself later!

2 cups of Epsom salts! I add Epson salts then decide what else in the way of aromatherapy I’d like depending on the mood I am in and how my body is feeling. Epsom salts are super important for any bath as they have wonderful healing properties. So if you don’t have any – get some! They are available at your local drug store and you can get more fancy ones online.

Pour the Epsom salts under the running water and use a wash cloth to swirl them around.

Read this post about Epsom salts and this one about the benefits of using Epsom Salts.

Essential Oils! For additional benefits I’ll often add some Lavender (for relaxing & soothing) or Eucalyptus (if I am feeling a bit drained or on the brink of a cold). Peppermint is also grand for revitalizing and nice with either Lavender or Eucalyptus. You don’t have to use them,  Epsom salts and hot water are fine on their own. I’m also a huge fan of Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath.

Read this post about adding essential oils to your bath.

Bubbles! Make your bath into more of an extravaganza with bubbles. Bubbles can change the whole gestalt of the bath, the day, your attitude. I highly recommend bubbles. Try a few and find out what your favorites are.

And for gawds sake, don’t forget the Bath Tub Over Flow Stopper! Possibly the best thing after Epsom salts for the tub! Here’s my post about The Bath Tub Over Flow Stopper if you have to have more info.

So while the bath tub is filling up I light my candle, fill up my eco-friendly water bottle with water and then……you’ll have to check in for PART 2 of Bath 101 for more bath time tips!

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