Space Duck from Soak Hastings

Part Deux!

In Bath 101 Part 1 we left off at lighting a candle and getting some water. Choose a nice smelling candle and music.

Sometimes a nice glass of wine is great to have in the tub, so please do if that’s what it takes for you to feel really pampered. But, the thing with alcohol and hot water is that it can make you light-headed and woozy , so be careful, especially when getting OUT of the tub. I usually drink water, maybe with a couple of ice cubes, party animal that I am. But sometimes instead of plain water I’ll have coconut water, which is wonderful. Amy & Brian make a really nice one (they call it “juice” – whatever – it’s the water from the coconut). I like the one without the pulp because I do not not like chewing my drink. Super delicious and refreshing. I’ll often have it after a bath to replenish. Will post another article on the amazing benefits of coconut juice soon. I get it at the health food store. Even better is a real coconut with a straw to drink the juice!

Orange slices! It’s nice to nosh in the tub – no napkin required! Sometimes I’ll have a plate of sliced oranges or watermelon on the little side table by the tub. You can even squeeze a few into the water and make it smell more citrus-ie.

Oranges for the tub

Oranges for the tub

Washcloths! Have them at the ready. Click here to find out all the facts on why having a stack of washcloths is a good idea.

Bath Pillow! Well, duh, all Divas need to be cushioned. I am still on my quest for the perfect one…but am making due with the last one I reviewed. Read about the Bath Pillow Quest here.

Ok, so now you’ve taken about an hour assembling all this stuff and are completely exhausted- ha ha! No, it should just take you a few minutes to get it together. Now you can actually GET IN the tub! And don’t forget your Rubber Duck!

Hair Conditioner! The first thing I do when I get settled in the water is to sink under and get my hair wet. Then I goop on a giant gob of conditioner and twist my tresses to the top of my head and secure it with a hair clippy thingie. If you have long hair, you want the clip on the top of your head, mohawk style, so it doesn’t interfere with leaning back on your poofy pillow. If you have short hair, no worries.

Either I use an intensive “packet”, like Burt’s Bees Hair Repair or my usual conditioner. I’ll leave the conditioner on for the duration of the bath and then rinse it out. I’ll air dry it as much as possible before going to bed, then hit it with the blow dryer if needed. Not a good idea to go to bed with a wet head – ask your mother why.

I think that’s enough for today, stay tuned for Bath 101 – Part Tres!