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Bath 101 – Part Tres!

Picking up at the end of Bath 101 – Part 2:

After applying a heap of conditioner to my hair I like to just SIT THERE for a bit, be quiet and decompress. Once I feel like I have “arrived” in the tub I’ll select a washcloth from my towering pile and grab a foot, almost always the left for some reason, and start kneading my toes. I use a wash cloth because it offers me better traction and reduces the risk of my fingernails slipping and gouging out a piece of toe. Sometimes I add some Rose Oil on the washcloth.

Usually the sensations in my toes as I work on them push out any other thoughts in my head. After I have massaged and made my left foot happy, I move to the right foot, then I like to do both my hands. After that I’ll have a few orange slices and toss the peels in the water.

Reflexology is wonderful and I highly recommend it especially while in the tub. I’ll do a more detailed post soon about Reflexology and give more info on hands and ears. For now, let’s concentrate on our feet. We work our feet really hard, pounding around on concrete and wearing shoes that might not be the best fit, and then all that running, leaping, skipping, jumping, etc… Reflexology believes that there areas of your feet that correspond with areas on your body. Like your big toe is connected to your head and brain and the pads to your lungs, the arch to your stomach – you get the picture.

Regardless of whether you believe that reflexology is valid or not, I can tell you that anytime I get my feet rubbed, even if it’s me doing it, it’s always wonderful. And doing it in the bath is great as your feet are warm and those Epsom salts are quietly doing their magic in the background.

Have a look at the charts below and try reflexology the next time you are in the tub. I think you’ll like it and it will enhance your bathing experience and help with relaxation.

Bath 101 – Part 4 coming up next!