Princess Rubber Duckie

Princess Rubber Duckie from Soak

When last we left off at Bath 101 – Part 3, we were massaging our feet, so you should be done by now. Let’s move on UP with the massaging to calves, thighs, hips, fanny, face…the thing is, we often don’t get touched enough, so, why wait around for that? Do it yourself! You’ve got hands don’tcha?

Take your time – remember to use your wash cloth for more traction. My tummy area sometimes holds tension, so I’ll spend a lot of time there. If your tummy is tight, start massaging on the right side, move up towards your sternum, down the left side and then under your belly button – make a circle. This is the natural way your intestines flow, so it should feel pretty good. Well, I like it….

Work on your hands, arms, shoulders, chest, neck and back. And then – don’t forget your face! I’ll use my thumb knuckles and push along the eyebrow ridge – if you’re looking for tension you will probably find some there – O   M   G. Along the jaw line is good too, and then I’ll rub/squeeze my cheeks and ears. Don’t squeeze too hard on your face or you might break some blood vessels and have a red spot on your face for a few days (and how would I know that?). You might want to scratch your head with your fingernails too, that always feels great.

Afterward, sit for a bit and enjoy the way you feel. I’ll usually put on a face mask about then because I love smearing stuff on my face when I am in the tub – just adds to the overall experience IMHO. Any mask that is supposed to dry for maximum benefits will not work well in the tub! Too damp.  That said, if I have a mud mask handy, I will still put it on. I figure if I leave it on for  20 minutes it must be doing something… yogurt can be difficult if it’s not thick enough, gets too drippy. You can always just eat it as it runs off your face.

The Diva has a few masks for you to try – click here for the face masks page.

Next up, Bath 101 – Part 5,  where we’ll take on the “Monkey Mind”!