Better Bath Deep Water Bath Overflow Cover

This is one of my most favorite items for the bathtub!

Don’t you hate it when you fill up the tub as high as you can, get in and then spend the next half hour listening to that sucking noise as your water slurps out the overflow drain and the water line gets lower and lower?

In the past I had fashioned all sorts of washcloth contraptions to try and make it stop but nothing worked very well. I decided I had to invent something but, luckily, before I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on R&D I found the perfect solution for less than $10 – yay!

Let me introduce you to the Bath Overflow Drain Cover! It can add up to 3 – 4 more inches of bath water, which makes a huge difference. The only note of caution is to not get too greedy or you’ll overflow the tub when you get in – little something called displacement. Wait until the water is a few inches from the top and then get it and let it fill up the rest of the way.

I highly recommend this product!!!! I’ve used one for years and love it! I even travel with it :)

Click this link to get a Bath Overflow Drain Cover.