Michelin Tire Suit - The Bath Tub Diva

My dad wants me to wear this Michelin Tire Suit the next time I go for a ride!

About 10 days ago The Bath Tub Diva wiped out on her bike! OUCH!!! Which is why there haven’t been any new posts for awhile, I was recouperating. All in all, as bike crashes go, I got lucky – no bones were broken and I didn’t land on my head. But I was pretty battered and shook up.

After I got home that day I took a bath – my default “go to” place to feel better, which it did. But later when I was looking up ice/heat treatment for bruises (and some spectacular bruises I gots!) I read that taking a bath after a bang-up might NOT be the best thing as heat can increase the bleeding into the underlying tissues. OK, the Diva bows to conventional wisdom here. Please wait a while before heading to the tub to soak the boo-boos out.

So, wait 48 hours after the accident to get in a tub or apply heat treatments. But DO start with ice packs right away to reduce swelling!

Besides my aches and pains, I was also feeling upset and agitated  – which is normal after a trauma, so don’t get all freaked out ’cause you are all freaked out – ok?

After a couple of days when I got in the tub again, I used Lavender Oil and Peppermint Oil and a wee bit of Eucalyptus Oil. It was a really nice bath – of course there were bubbles and Epsom salt too!

Here are some things you can try out for your Boo-Boo Bath – after 48 hours from the boo-boo!:

Lavender: Anti-inflammatory effects, relieves pain, relaxes spasms, and brings mental calm without sedation
Rosemary: Relieves pain, stimulates the mind and body, and has a warming effect on the muscles
Peppermint: Uplifts your mood and is reviving and refreshing
Eucalyptus: Invigoration, circulation and opening airways

Don’t forget the Epsom Salts! Himalayan Salt Crystals are pretty damn nice too.

If you haven’t cried much since your accident, be sure and have a big boo-hoo soon! Tears remove toxins from our body that build up courtesy of stress and trauma. Click here for a post on crying.

Arnica and Trauma Oil are great for after the bath topical treatments.

Remember that it’s OK not to be OK! Accidents are scary there will be fall-out for a while afterwards.

Be kind to yourself, and, if you have other people around, let them love you and take care of you.

And thank you dad for the picture and Michelin!