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July 2016

June 2016

Bath 101 – Part 4


When last we left off at Bath 101 - Part 3, we were massaging our feet, so you should be done by now. Let's move on UP with the massaging to calves, thighs, hips, fanny, face...the thing is, we often don't get touched enough, so, why wait around for that? Do it yourself! You've got hands don'tcha?

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May 2016

Bath 101 – Part 3


Reflexology is wonderful and I highly recommend it especially while in the tub. We work our feet really hard, pounding around on concrete and wearing shoes that might not be the best fit, and then all that running, leaping, skipping, jumping, etc...

Bath 101 – Part 32018-10-28T13:42:17-08:00

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