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Bathtub Overflow Stopper


Don't you hate it when you fill up the tub as high as you can, get in and then spend the next half hour listening to that sucking noise as your water slurps out the overflow drain and the water line gets lower and lower? With The Bathtub Overflow Stopper this will NEVER happen to you again!

Bathtub Overflow Stopper2018-11-19T22:36:54-07:00

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Felted Soap!


Felted Soap - The Bath Tub Diva loves hers! My friend Merry B gifted me with a delightful present - Felt Soap!!!! It's a bar of handmade soap encased in a handmade felt case. I love it! It's like a washcloth and soap in one, and the Diva is all about "streamlining"....However, [...]

Felted Soap!2018-10-27T21:54:41-07:00

February 2017

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