Crazy for Coconuts

The benefits of coconut juice are amazing. I love having it for a beverage while in the tub, but often it’s even better when I get out of the tub – lovely way to replenish while cooling off and feels healthy going down.

Coconut Juice Facts: coconut juice is a natural isotonic beverage that is high in potassium and other electrolytes, it is an effective rehydration beverage for before, during or after exercise. And it doesn’t have food coloring and added sugars like other “sports” drinks.

During World War II it was discovered that coconut water is the perfect substitute for human blood plasma. It is isotonic to our own blood, has the right electrolytes, and won’t be rejected by the body. If taken straight from the coconut it’s also sterile. War doctors soon began tapping the fluid from coconuts and using it for plasma transfusions.

I know you’re excited about that transfusion bit but don’t try it at home – ok?

You can get a ton more info about coconuts on the Coconut Research Center website and  Wikipedia page for coconuts.

Coconut juice in natural container

Coconut juice in natural container

The best way to get it is with a straw straight out of the coconut! Even if you are having it in Arizona it you’ll get that “island feeling” – it just seems to come with the coconut… But if you can’t get one that way, try some of the canned and boxed juices at the market. Read the label to be sure no sugar has been added! (It’s ridiculous to add sugar to it as it’s already naturally sweet). I’ve tried a lot of the packaged varieties and like Amy & Brian Coconut Juice the best, without the pulp. I usually get it at the health food store but have seen it at regular supermarkets as well.


Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for the images!