Last week I felt a bit of a cold coming on so of course, I made a dash for the tub. I filled it with screaming hot water, then added Epsom salts, bubbles, Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath (love the Mustard Bath!), and 5 drops of 100% pure Eucalyptus Oil.

After arranging my accouterments on the side of the tub (ducks, wash clothes, hair conditioner, face mask, water bottle, etc…) and then inching my way into the amazingly hot water in the tub – toes, ankle,1/2 of calf, back to ankle, calf again – I was completely prepared for an hour or so of heavenly relaxation and sinus clearing.

Then I noticed that my legs, bum and back were starting to feel rather…odd.
As in uncomfortable and prickly.
As in kinda sorta starting to burn feeling.

I thought of the Eucalyptus Oil and wondered if I had put too much in – but it was only 5 drops!
At that moment my hand grazed over a bottle shaped object at the bottom of the tub.
Which turned out to be a bottle.
Of 100 % Eucalyptus Oil.
Without the lid on.
Leisurely leaking into the tub.

Apparently when I was settling in I had knocked the bottle into the tub and its contents were now escaping and seeping.  into.  my.  skin.

This was not a pleasant sensation.
It was a most UN-pleasant sensation.

I pulled the bottle out and started to drain some of the water, thinking I could let some water out, then add more water and disperse the oil. But nooooooooooooooo. Water distribution didn’t affect the now rampaging feelings of intense burning (and some of it in some rather delicate places) so I scrambled out of the tub and made a run for the freezer, grabbed a few bags of frozen edamame and placed them in strategic locations. It felt like my body was on fire in sort of cool weird under the skin way.

After about 10 minutes I was happy that I would not have to call the paramedics, and, the edamame was defrosted.

The upside to this tale is that the cold never came on,  I had edamame for dinner, and now I always check the lids to the oils!

If this ever happens to you, exit the tub immediately! If you can, get in a cool shower, or get to the freezer and place some ice packs on your skin. Most of all, don’t panic! The burning feeling should pass in a few minutes.

Keep “sport” ice packs in the freezer, also bags of frozen edamame or corn are great for cool packs as they conform to where you place them. Even putting some ice cubes in a plastic bag will work fine.