Felted Soap - The Bath Tub Diva

Felted Soap – The Bath Tub Diva loves hers!

My friend Merry B gifted me with a delightful present – Felt Soap!!!! It’s a bar of handmade soap encased in a handmade felt case. I love it!

It’s like a washcloth and soap in one, and the Diva is all about “streamlining”….However, I noticed it takes awhile to work up a lather if it’s dry, so I drop it in the tub as it’s filling up, and that gets it saturated and ready to lather.

What I love about too it that it appeals to a Diva’s sensibilities, I love practical handmade products that are intriguing, good-looking and smell nice! I am very happy with my Felt Soap and highly recommend trying Felted Soap out.

These luscious bars of soap are wrapped in wool to create a soap and washcloth all in one. Wool has natural anti-fungal properties and will retain its freshness. The wool acts as a wicking agent, soaking in the lather of the soap, making the encased soap last longer. The felt shrinks along with the soap as you use it, and the casing may be reused by slitting along the edge and inserting a new bar of soap.

Get that felted feeling!