Full Moon Bath Recipe - The Bath Tub Diva

Tonight the moon will be full – au au au aarrrrouuuuuh!!!

What I have learned, through hours & hours of extensive research and much googling, is this:

The luminous brightness of the moon represents prosperity, abundance, and healing energy. The day of the full moon is considered to be auspicious for accomplishing significant activities.

The full moon brings heightened emotions and energetic outbursts. Paradoxically, the time of the high energy Full Moon is actually optimal for a day of rest, fasting, and cleansing and not vigorous physical activity.

On the day of the full moon the healing process of the body is at its peak as is its absorption potential. At full moon, the body will absorb the most minerals from a salt bath.

Enjoy a bath on the night of the full moon and reap the many benefits of lunar power!

I think something really fragrant and magical would be lovely for a Full Moon Bath – and I know you think so too.

  • Epsom Salts – 2 cups
  • Jasmine Oil – coupla big squirts < this is jasmine scented oil! NOT the essence!
  • Sandalwood Essential Oil – 5 drops
  • Bubbles – of course!

Jasmine is also known as mistress of the night and moonlight of the grove, because its seductive scent reaches its peak late at night and sandalwood is great for inducing a calm and meditative state.

Create your bath, open the window and let the moon beams in!

The Jasmine Oil I use is not an essential oil, it’s jasmine scent in a “carrier” oil – you can use it as a skin lotion as well. I use this brand all the time and love it: Almond Glow Jasmine Skin Lotion

The Sandalwood Oil IS an essential oil, I like the NOW products a lot, the products are high quality and the prices are great: Now Foods Sandalwood Oil. Be careful adding any essential oil to your bath, it’s easy to overdo it!

My favorite line of bubbles are in the SHOP section.

For more on Epsom Salts and why you should use them in EVERY bath, visit the Epsom Salt Council.

Thanks for the support on this article: Himalayan Living Salt, Yoga Yoga, and Wikimedia Commons