guided meditation with the Bath Tub Diva

Meditation can help you connect to your soaring spirit!

Meditating in the tub is lovely because it’s already such a relaxing space, so it makes it easier to get quiet and introspective.

Taking a few minutes to calm down and let go of your “task list” is good for you on so many levels. But sometimes, my  monkey-mind-banana-brain won’t stop chattering, no matter how many times I dunk my head!

That’s why I like having few Guided Meditations to drown out the chatter and help me focus and clam down. And besides, I love having stories read to me and having someone guide me through a meditation is kinda like that.

I have the Abraham-Hicks: Getting Into the Vortex CD and have used that often. They have 4 guided meditations that I enjoy and a nice book to read for more insights about the meditations. Abraham is a “spiritual entity” that is channeled through Esther Hicks – make of that what you will! I find the meditations really helpful, regardless of how they got on the CD.

To do these meditations probably means hanging out with your “device” in the tub. So turn off the phone ringer! Set your smart phone or iPad AWAY from the water and turn it on. (NEVER EVER have your device plugged into an outlet while in the bathtub.)

Here are a couple of suggestions for guided meditations to do in the tub – I don’t think any are longer than 20 minutes, which is a nice amount of time to drift.

Abraham-Hicks: Getting Into the Vortex CD 
Getting Into The Vortex: Guided Meditations CD and User Guide

Insight Timer is a very nice app. Lots of free guided meditations.

Have fun and OMMMMMM your bubblie buns off!