Crete Bath Tub 1

Bath Tub from the Isle of Crete

Have you ever wondered what came before Mister Bubble?

While bathing facilities date back to 3000 BCE (in the form of large multi-use structures), the Palace of Knossos, on the Isle of Crete, possibly had the first single use bath tubs. This was a very swanky palace built in 1900 BCE, it had over 100 rooms, flush toilets and modern drainage systems. Wow, it sounds just like MY house! What a coincidence.

A “tub-like” vessel was found, but “experts” still squabble over whether or not it actually was a bathtub. The Bathtub Diva says “Yes, of course it’s a tub, it’s a palace and all palaces have tubs – duh!” End of controversy.

So maybe that little tub from IS kinda small, but sometimes it takes awhile for things to develop, for people to realize that having ones knees hitting their chin is perhaps not so relaxing….because eventually the Greeks upped their game with bath tubs like this:

Greek Bath Tub

Greek Bath Tub – oh yeah baby, now we’re talkin’. Look at all those happy people frolicking while they wait in line to get into the tub.

Now THAT is a tub to wallow in! This is a Diva Tub if I ever saw one and I am placing my order for one right now. Hopefully it will fit through the bathroom door.

This concludes Part 1 of our exciting History of Bathing Series! Next time….the Romans! Bene lava!