Haven’t we all had the scallop-shaped inflatable bath pillow? You might have one in your tub right now. It’s wonderful until the day you hear the whoooooooooosh as the air escapes from a hole in the seam and you are left with a flaccid scalloped piece of plastic and tremendous guilt over your latest contribution to the land-fill.

And believe me, that whoooooooooooosh day will come, because inflatables ALWAYS deflate. Always. It’s called The Law of Plastic Inflatables.

Well, I’m tired of inflatables and that whooooooooooooshing noise! I’m now am in search of the perfect non-inflatable pillow. I’ve tried 2 so far. The first one had the distinction of becoming immeditally saturated with water and weighing about 20 soggy pounds. I gave that one a “NO”.

The other one, #2 – the one in the picture, was foam with a terry cloth cover. It seemed promising. It dangled from 2 cords and had suction cups on the cords. I stuck the suction cups to the wall behind the tub and got in. Right away there was an issue, the pillow was incredibly “poofy” and I was jutting out about 4 inches from the back of the tub. I thought, hummmm, maybe I’ll get used to it?

But then one of the suction cups came undone and the pillow slid sideways and popped out from under my head. I put the suction cup back on the wall then the other one popped off, and before I could fix it the first one popped off again.

At this point, with my head either poofed out or sliding all over the back of the tub and half my bath time spent sticking the suction cups back on the wall, I was irritated, which is not how I want to feel in the bath tub.

The quest continues!!!