loofah for dry skin brushing

Use a loofah for dry skin brushing

Use a loofah or bath mitt and give your body an overall scrub before you get in your next shower or bath. This is called “Dry Skin Brushing” and will certainly wake you up in the morning, maybe better than coffee!

Bath mitts for dry brushing

Bath mitts for dry brushing

Loofahs and bath mitts are great for exfoliating and make for invigorating circulation opportunities – here’s how to do it:

  • Do this BEFORE your get in the tub!
  • Use a DRY loofah or bath mitt
  • Use an up & down motion for legs and arms
  • Go in circles for the back and body
  • Get in the shower or tub and rinse off any flakes

I’ve used loofahs and like them, but one day I got a bath mitt and was smitten from the get-go. It’s a bit rougher than a loofah and, I think, holds up better for vigorous rub-downs, but if you prefer au natural, use the loofah.

Try and dry brush before every bath or shower and watch how much more smooth and radiant your skin becomes!

You can also use sea salts and scrubs in the shower or bath – simply apply a small amount to your loofah or mitt and have at it.

Thanks to Free Images UK and Commons for the images.