The Bathtub Diva was recently in Hawaii, I’m a lucky ducky!

One of loveliest things about being in a tropical location is the preposterous abundance of flowers, flowers, flowers! Beautiful, bountiful, bunches of blooms and most of them lusciously fragrant. One of my favorites is the plumeria flower (also know as frangipani). Often planted at temples, probably ’cause it’s divine, the plumeria flower grows on the plumeria tree and is often described as “heady” and “romantic”.


Plumeria has a transformative and transporting smell. It makes an ordinary evening walk magical when the scent of plumeria is wafting in the breeze.


In aromatherapy, plumeria helps relieve inflammation, headache, back pain and tinnitus. Plumeria assists with sleep and dreams. It enhances prayer, meditation, and rest and is known for its moisturizing effects, as it soothes dry and cracked skin, helping keep skin soft. Also popular as an aphrodisiac. ;)

It’s one of the most beloved flowers used for leis and such a honor to wear one and be encased in a circle of heavenly fragrance.

I’d absolutely recommend adding some plumeria to your life! Whether in a bath, a glowing candle or growing one in an indoor pot, you won’t be disappointed with this delightful, exotic flower!

If you aren’t close to a tropical location to sniff some plumeria, you can try growing it yourself or get a candle and have it’s fragrance fill up a room, like maybe a bathroom…with you in the tub? Fantastic idea, yes?

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Thanks to Wiki Commons and Charlie Harutaka for the images.