My Audio Pet Unicorn Speaker

“These little creatures are powerful mini bluetooth speakers that produce
clear room-filling sound. Once you’re done singing along,
enable the selfie feature and snap a pic.”

Oprah < I know! Oprah loves them too!

The Bath Tub Diva LOVES hers!

This tiny Unicorn is amazingly LOUD! Bring your new friend into the bathroom and pair with your smartphone for some fantastic sounds to add to the overall ambiance of your bathtime. Great sound individually but use 2 together and stereophonic out!

The Bathtub has them in her SHOP in the Unicorn and After Bath Merch sections. Need blissful bath time transcending music? Gotcha covered.

And not just Unicorns! Owls, Bees, Seals, Penguins, Monkeys, Cats, Pandas…for sure you’ll find your very own favorite Audio Pet.

AND! You can use it to snap a selfie too because the Audio Pet is a remote control for the iPhone camera!


My Audio Pet Unicorn Speaker