Oprah After Dark - Oprah in a bubble bath

Oprah was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Jimmy pitched his ideas for OWN shows to Oprah and the resulting skits were pretty funny. Besides Oprah being in a bubble bath in Oprah After Dark, she is stealing back “favorite things” and she transforms into Oprah Bad Ass in Book Club Fight Club. OMG,  the head-slam, don’t miss it.

Oprah After Dark - Oprah in a bubble bath

Do watch the whole video, because it’s fantastic, it’s funny,  and     you     will      laugh.

The skits start at 1:35 on the video below.
Go to 4:58 to see  the pitch for Oprah After Dark, which has Oprah in the tub surrounded by luxurious  bubbles.

Oprah really does love bubble baths too! Below is an excerpt from Newsweek where she recommends a daily bath.

Oprah loves bubble baths - The Bath Tub Diva, Ritama Haaga

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