Better Bath Pillow

The pillow (#3) I got at Bed, Bath & Beyond was GIGANTIC.! It was the biggest bath pillow I had ever seen in my life! It was called “The Ultimate in Comfort & Flexibility”.

It was SO HUGE, it was like putting a car seat in the tub. But I was willing to give it a go and maybe it would be the most wonderful pillow ever!!!!!!

Alas, it wasn’t, and that made me very sad.

This pillow was in 3 sections, it was foam covered in plastic and it was very fussy as far as production went. Two sections had suction cups and the third section did not. The car seat pillow didn’t work for me because the foam was too hard, and I need cushy. If I want hard I would not use a pillow, I would lean against the porcelain.

The part that didn’t have the suction cups was for your head, but it didn’t work for me because anytime I moved my head off the pillow (to reach for the soap or take a dive under water and blow bubbles, stuff like that), it flapped forward and was generally in the way.

Then I thought maybe it would work better if I flipped the pillow upside-down and put the flappy thing was where my back was. But nooooooooooo, that was a disaster – especially the part where I am wrestling with a pillow underwater trying to get the suction cups to stick. I finally just threw the thing out of the tub.

A few minutes later I felt something funny on my bottom. It was one of the suction cups from the pillow – finally sticking!

I did see one other pillow possibility at Bed Bath & Beyond and I’ll grab that one next and let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, check out the pillows in our SHOP!