This is one of my favorite bath recipes! It smells fabulous, leaves your skin deliciously soft and takes away aches and pains.

Take this bath and feel luxurious and pampered.

Don’t forget the tiara.

Rose & Coconut Bath Recipe

Rose & Coconut Bath Recipe

Epsom salts – of course, as usual and ALWAYS!

The Rose Oil I use is not an essential oil, it’s rose scent in a “carrier” oil – you can use it as a skin lotion as well. I use this brand all the time and love it: Almond Glow Rose Skin Lotion. It smells like….rose heaven.
~ Fine to use Rose Essential Oil instead, just be careful and use 5 drops! Don’t overdo it.

Besides adding a couple of tablespoons of Coconut Oil to make your skin soft, rub some in your hair for extra conditioning while you soak in the tub. AND you can use it in the kitchen for cooking too!

Photo Credit: Jamie Street on Unsplash