The Bath Tub Diva Rubber Ducks

This duck is saying “I will BE THERE for you!”

I want to talk to you about one of the most important things ever…..

Rubber Ducks.

I don’t care who you are, who you think you are, or how old or young you are, a duck in the tub will bring more fun and happiness to your bath.

At the very least, have just ONE in the tub while having your bath. However, more is better. 

Everyone needs little friends to play with and moral support in what can sometimes be a difficult world. And that is why rubber ducks should matter to you, because rubber ducks will always BE THERE for you.

Go ahead, try chatting with them, make a few waves and watch them bobble, cover them with bubbles and try and find them. See? Feel better?

However! Beware of ducks that are not weighted properly! Often this is the case with many of the smaller ducks. I know, they are totally adorable, but they will often not float upright, they will float on their sides or worse, upside down. This could bring an air of tragedy and sadness to your bath time if your ducks are floating upside down. Especially if your day has been hard. Just beware of listing ducks, ok?

Rubber Duck Tragedy

Rubber Duck Tragedy – Don’t let this happen to you!

We have some darling ducks in the SHOP for you. Please, let the professionals help you.

One of the Bath Tub Diva's Ducks

One of the ducks in the Diva’s bubble bath

You might find that once you get started with the ducks, you can’t stop. But don’t worry, it is absolutely not your fault! There are just too many adorable, sweet and funny rubber ducks floating around that need good homes and you want to help. I understand.

I have happily failed with “duck portion control” and have a large waddle of duckies, it’s a very impressive floating armada.

PS – Does anyone know what a large cache of ducks is called? I came up with “waddle” because that’s what duck do after all. Any other ideas?