Last night I tried out another bath pillow. I returned the giant one to Bed Bath & Beyond and came home with another that seemed promising.

Bath Pillow 3

But alas….it was not the perfect pillow :(   It had really tiny suction cups that made me wary at first, but they stuck just fine. It was the cushiness that didn’t work – it was still too hard! Hello ? ? ? Bath  Pillow Manufacturers? We want CUSHY and SOFT not hard! (“We” meaning ME, The Bathtub Diva)

Anyhoo, of the three I tried in my bath pillow experiment, this one was the best. And you might like a bit less cushy than me. Who am I to say? All the pillows I have tried were just too firm for me, but might work fine for you.

And so the quest continues…

Here’s a few pillows in the SHOP!