The Diva appreciates a product that gets right to the point!

Tired Old Ass Soak

Tired Old Ass Soak – A Bath for Exhaustion

Aren’t there days when we all need to soak our Tired Old Ass? I just returned from a 7 day driving vacation; visiting family and friends, sleeping in many beds, sitting in the car for hours, eating out most every meal and       I      am      whooped       on social, physical and psychic levels!

Tonight is a perfect night for a Tired Old Ass Soak!

My friend Pam gave me a jar of this and not only did the name make me laugh but it’s a really good product too! Click here if you need some Tired Old Ass Soak Bath Salts. Even if you have a young bouncy ass, there are some days when you too will need a Tired Old Ass Soak.

Hey! It’s ok to take a day – or two – to recover from your vacation! Ha ha – no really, remember to plan that into your “days off”.

Relax and re-enter your “regular” life and be kind to yourself relax, get in the tub and soak your tired old ass!

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