Washcloth score!

I was at Target the other day and got a great buy! A stack of lime green washcloths for $3.50 – that was for 8 of them – mucho fabulouso.

Truthiness Time – I am a washcloth glutton. I love having lots of washcloths on hand because you can use them to cover up any body parts that are poking out of the water (knees, toes) – very handy. And there is something about having a heap of them that makes me feel abundant! Seriously doesn’t take much to thrill me.

You can use a few, toss them in the hamper and still have lots more until laundry day.

I also love washcloths for giving myself foot massages in the tub (see my reflexology massage article) as they give traction so I don’t have to worry about my hand slipping if the water has coconut oil in it and my foot is slippery.

The washcloths are not combed Turkish Cotton or anything so fancy ($3.50 remember?) but you can’t see through them either. Ross and Marshall’s are also good for finding deals on washcloths.